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Mmm Mmm / Square 1
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7 september 2018

Mmm mmm was written by Nao and me. The original demo wound up on a HudMo mix in 2015 just as I was starting work as his musical director for the Lantern live show. After that I got busy with producing Swet Shop Boys, but managed to get one of my absolute favourite singers Vula to do her thing on this track because she killed it so hard when we used to play it live. So I'm really happy this jam is finally getting released. I've lived with it for a while now but I'm stoked that when people hear it for the first time they're like, oof.

I wrote 'Square 1' with Kimbra a few years ago when we were jamming in London. Those sessions produced Sweet Relief, a track I also wrote and produced with her, and also Square One. The initial loop was the result of jamming with my Talkbox, Kimbra messing with her Voice Live skills, and me sampling the whole thing as we went along. My brother John Calvert was also in the room and fleshed out some chords. Kimbra put down a brilliant guide vocal, then we did some back and forths online as she wrote the lyrics. Absolutely stoked to be finally releasing this track. Despite both of these tunes being written years ago, I'm proud that they still feel relevant and worth hearing.

Digitale afspeellijst

  1. 1 Mmm Mmm (feat. Vula) 2:35 Kopen

    Mmm Mmm (feat. Vula)

  2. 2 Square 1 (feat. Kimbra) 3:33 Kopen

    Square 1 (feat. Kimbra)


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