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Swet Shop Boys
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October 14, 2016

Swet Shop Boys (SSB) arrived with Cashmere (via Customs), the debut from Queens, New York’s Heems (Himanshu Suri) and NW London’s Riz MC (Riz Ahmed). Both are prolific artists, actors and activists in their own right, now bringing their creative experience and the riches of their working class immigrant roots together. Rounding out the trio is British producer Redinho, providing the soundtrack for songs like their first single ‘T5’, where the emcees lament the discrimination they face as they amass frequent flyer miles while traveling the world for work.

Cashmere seemed timely in a world where the US and UK looked across the pond for different reasons: Trump and Brexit, trap and grime. From Heems poignant debut Eat, Pray Thug, to Riz’s acclaimed mixtape Englistan, the Trans-Atlantic, Indo-Pak duo have proudly fused their worlds together here. Musically, the palette draws from a gumbo of Qawwali hand claps, hype harmonium, Bollywood string drama, spiralling sitars, Western synths, and an arsenal of drums - from 808’s to tablas and tars, dholaks and doumbeks.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 T5 2:27 Buy


  2. 2 Shottin 3:23 Buy


  3. 3 Aaja feat. Ali Sethi 3:19 Buy

    Aaja feat. Ali Sethi

  4. 4 Zayn Malik 2:54 Buy

    Zayn Malik

  5. 5 Tiger Hologram 2:56 Buy

    Tiger Hologram

  6. 6 No Fly List 2:51 Buy

    No Fly List

  7. 7 Phone Tap 3:02 Buy

    Phone Tap

  8. 8 Half Moghul Half Mowgli 3:25 Buy

    Half Moghul Half Mowgli

  9. 9 Swish Swish 3:52 Buy

    Swish Swish

  10. 10 Shoes Off 3:11 Buy

    Shoes Off

  11. 11 Din-E-iLahi 3:35 Buy


  • Cashmere

Swet Shop Boys

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